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Chili Paste Varieties

Delicious homemade chili paste, perfectly for cooking ingredients and condiments.

Marinated Varieties

Freshly marinated with a mixture of spices.

Sauce Varieties

Amazing ready to use sauces without the fuss to prepare your meals from scratch.

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Need help in choosing the right ingredients?

Tips for choosing right ingredients for home-cooking. When we talking about home cooking, first thing to consider is knowing your limit, this is to reduce the wastage. Secondly will be the recipes, the simple the recipes the quicker you can prepare your meals in order not to burden yourself especially after a long hectic working day.Preparing even simple meals at home can be creatively fulfilling.

Simple Homecook Meals for Tonight? Shop now at Kopi Street Online Store!

Kopi Street Chili Paste or Prepped marinated chicken with simple steps can help you to prepare your meals at home.